Sandbox with shade


Sandbox with shade

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Are you looking for the perfect sandbox for your child?

Would you like to surprise him with something really special?

Get our Sandbox with shade product, which is much more than a simple sandbox, as the small roof has a UV filter, so it protects the skin of the little ones from sunburn!

Bring the atmosphere of playgrounds into your own garden!

Outdoor fun and sandblasting are always a great experience for children . It can be assembled in seconds, so the game can start in no time. There are small benches on 4 sides of the sandpit, on which the little ones or even the parents can sit during the game.

The adjustable roof does not only protect children! It is advisable to drain it at night, so you can avoid dirt getting into the sandbox!

Sandbox with shade


  • Quick, easy assembly.
  • Shade roof with UV filter.
  • Plastic edge protectors can be attached to the corners.
  • Overall size: 117.5 x 117.5 x 117 cm
  • Roof size: 113.5 x 103 cm
  • Side board height: 17 cm
  • Seat boards width: 10 cm (load capacity 80 kg)
  • Height of roof support elements: 117 cm
  • Roof beam length: 103 cm, seat height: 18 cm
  • Product weight: 9.2 kg
  • Package weight: 10.1 kg
  • Material: wood, terylene
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